This is What “THEY” Don’t Want You to Figure Out

Posted on October 17, 2011


Look at the end of this post for an answer to “What is Occupy” if anyone asks or ridicules.

Always Remember: Double-Tap!

“They”. We all can feel who “They” are.

“They” don’t want you to figure out one simple thing again.

You all have the right buzz words like “unity”, “solidarity”, “power of the people” etc., which all are indicative of what they don’t want you to re-embrace, remember, re-generate, re-create.


Think about this carefully.

We have been taught to individualize ourselves to the point that many times we don’t even know our neighbours properly anymore. And don’t even try to tell me that if you do, gossip about shit doesn’t come up. This is the core problem and from there you can call it a bunch more things: division by religion, color, race, creed, sex, politics etc …

If there is one thing that I am most definitely and assuredly seeing not just in Zucotti Park or Wall Street or any street, city, town, place in the world that is demonstrating a conscientious and collective feeling (remeber I said feeling at the beginning) that there is something very wrong with the world in general.  That is the point of Occupy.  But why we are now constantly being subjected to an authoritative presence with a badge of laws, some written with the specific intention of only benefiting certain parties and not others while cleverly disguised and manipulated is to divide us.

If we went back a long time ago, there were only communities of people, who took care of their old and sick, who wasted not and wanted not, who actually gave a shit about their ‘brother’ and ‘sisters’: TOGETHER.

We have been trained to divide, to be greedy, to love bling, to want the next thing, start the next trend, be the American Idol, to argue, to be angry, to be the victim, … its all a distraction from reality.

HOLY SHIT PEOPLE. The irony of it all is that life is ugly and beautiful at the same time. Life is hard and easy at the same time.

But when we all can feel and know that our lives are being controlled by such a wide variety of means, the balance becomes a global feeling and this is exactly what you get.  And what “They” don’t want.  The occupation of community minded, hard working, intelligent people who are sick and tired of a very faulty and evil system.

Remember. “They” only understand war as the (en)forcing of laws (rules) upon societies in order to control a MASSIVE world of resources in order to perpetuate the illusion of the “American Dream”. Hence the disastrous world economies.  The balance is off and that is what we all feel, collectively, as a community.  While “They” rig the system and reap the rewards.

Occupy is a war. It is a fight using a community minded approach, whereby those, like me, who work and pay taxes, and respect others, want a fair opportunity to really see my, their, your taxes (along with corporations’ & businesses’ taxes) go towards a realistic plan that does honestly and truly take care of others in my community.

My children are being taught to understand the difference between pretend and real.  To put out of focus all the stupidity and put into focus for all, the reality of cooperation and existence, with others, without guns in our faces and fear of arrest or fear of possibly being labelled something, profiled etc.

People can co-exist.

Occupy sees no colors. Occupy sees no religion. Occupy sees no age group. Occupy sees no politics. Occupy sees no handicaps.

Occupy sees a future with love, respect, honestly, care.

And the fakeness of systems is being exposed.  Many people are being exploited because of this systems’ induced and structure projection of society to the masses.  I feel most of the world gets it. But they want you to believe everything else and be good little rats in a maze, sheep in a pasture.

No good hearted, family orientated, intelligent, caring person wants war.  So how come we are being told that invading other countries in the name of “democracy”? This is all a fabrication of people that have power due to their circumstances now as a result and a leading up with past events, including subjecting nations to the ideology of an “American Dream”. It just doesn’t work that way.

Do you think people in other nations want war? Regular people? Unless of course lies are created, fear is created and mistrust, which again, divides!

Respect, marriage, sex, love etc. has been exploited for money and profit.

The education system sucks.  It merely trains you to perpetuate the “American Dream” possibility, the hope.  It does not offer you love, respect and skills that assist communities.

The only reason there still are services, but barely and hanging on by strings, but not even, food stamps, no unemployment assistant (like skills!) are because people out there advocating for justice and fairness in basic human rights in your own communities.

Rise up. Step out of the fakeness of the economic system that is really a legalized way of gambling with your money.

How come, after all these plans, presidents, premiers, kings & queens, that we always see so regal and engaging and discussing, so apparently brilliant and smart, how come we never see anything get better and things always getting worse, as the noose of every crazy laws keep tightening around our necks? Oh but gosh forbid “They” do something wrong and poof, somehow it’s alright.  No penalty for destroying hundreds of lives.  It’s all in the name of _____.

Yup. I believe the news these days.

Occupiers have definitely discovered that a dream is just that … a dream.  It is not reality.

Treat your neighbour as you would yourself. The world has become intelligent enough for us to really settle the matters at hand.

Don’t let them fool you into thinking we can’t.

Don’t let them fool you into thinking we cannot get together.

Let us stand up as communities in reality.

It’s not a movie. It’s not a T.V. show. It’s not the next cool thing.

If we collectively think, project, discuss and create PEACE, we will re-create the definition of communities in a positive way.


And then “They” won’t own us & the world anymore.

We will take back what belongs to everyone and treat eachother like communities again.

Like humans. With respect.

We are SMART. We CARE. We Occupy.

So when someone asks you, “What is Occupy” here is an answer:

Occupy is about the future of people across the world. Because we have not been allowed to collectively see it,  or feel it together – THE FUTURE –  (which we are now) we are only at the beginning of shaping it – but it is a very positive, good hearted and real thing. Our future is created through the ideas, actions and creations we begin to come up with right now.  Tell them we are building the future together.  It takes time to build things right.  When we finally assemble it, if you are open-minded enough, kind hearted, realistic, loving, logical, sensible, all different good parts of all different good people, you will see it and you will know you have created it too.

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